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Jeuno JE Kim`s
final form consists of a glass outer and an inner form, in which the ashes are visibly preserved.
She refers to Platonic solids - a geometrical model of the world developed by Plato, which can be found in many forms of nature, such as crystals. In it polyhedra / polygonal bodies are assigned to the elements. The twelve-cornered dodecahedron, which is the outside form of that work, symbolizes the fifth element, the »other«, the ether. The blue inner form (based on a hexahedron) creates a connection to the element earth. The blue glass form is designed for the dimensions of an ash capsule, but ideally the ash is filled directly and thus visible.
This final form was produced in cooperation with the Swedish glass manufacturer Sweden Crystal.

Jeuno JE Kim's broad artistic spectrum includes diverse media such as radio, animation, performance, video, text and drawing. In her projects she experiments with storytelling techniques and combines them with historical, political and social narratives. She moves between the fictional and the factual, the found and the constructed.

Jeuno JE Kim studied music and economics, but also feminist theology at Harvard University / Cambridge and visual arts at the University of Illinois / Chicago. Together with the artist Ewa Einhorn, she has been developing "Krabstadt" since 2010, a feminist animation series. Born in South Korea, she now lives in Malmö, and teaches art at Volant Academy / University of Gothenburg. Her works are shown in international exhibitions.

Material: glass, stainless steel
outside dimensions: 52 cm long, 52 cm wide, 43 cm high
inside dimensions: 20cm long, 20cm wide, 28cm high
Weight: about 11 kg
Degradability: not degradable, suitable for burial above ground

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