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Andreas Eschment personally cuts the different parts of his artistic work out of felt, perforates it and sews them together. He then works the self-bent brass bracket into seams. Above the ash capsule with two felt lids, one can build a lockable compartment, into which the funeral guests can put personal or meaningful items: food, coins, letters, flowers. The felt surrounds the ash capsule and protects it from the surrounding earth. The same way as one puts on clothes, one dresses the ash capsule - a familiar everyday act.

Andreas Eschment's works are located in the interface of precise craftsmanship, critical investigation and conceptual approach. He uses various media and materials to implement his ideas. Based on research he develops, among others, prints, graphics, sculptural and textile works. Humor and the potential of participation are very important to him.

Andreas Eschment lives in Hamburg. Before studying free art at University of Arts Braunschweig, he was trained as a carpenter. He has already been awarded with various scholarships for his artistic work.


Material: wool felt, brass, cotton cord
Dimensions:42.5cm high, ø 18cm
Weight: 600g
Degradability: within 20 years

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