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Renée and Thomas Rapedius fold mirrored cardboard so that the flat material creates a spherical shape reminiscent of diamonds, disco balls or lanterns. The silvery surface forms a shimmering transition between the object and the multicolored environment. The weighty yet lightweight object is held on a red rope.

The two look at landscapes and places the same way as they look at rituals, actions and processes. Between their many observations they make connections and derive considerations, from which they ultimately develop their own artistic forms, located between graphics and sculpture.

Paper is one of their favorite materials. They draw, fold, roll, stick or stretch it. In folded form, it has amazing plastic properties. So the unpretentious material can take on very surprising and very different dimensions.

Renée and Thomas Rapedius live in Berlin. They studied Fine Art/Sculpture and Visual Communication/Photography at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In addition to their busy exhibition activities in Germany and abroad, they work as lecturers at various art academies. They were scholarship holders of the Goethe-Institut and traveled to Japan and India.


Material: mirror box, cotton cord
Dimensions: 29cm high, ø 28cm
Weight: 117g
Degradability: within 20 years

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