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Axel Loytved`s final form is a guide to do-it-yourself. He explains, how to mix the ashes of the deceased with cement, water and sand in order to produce a standard sized pavement slab out of concrete. The name and the dates of life and death of the deceased can be engraved on the plate. It must be permitted to scatter ashes at the place where one wants to place this final form.

Axel Loytved is a sculptor. His work reflects his enthusiasm for what happens anyway, the found things and the supposedly profane. The work "Weg", for example, is his homage to a specific shortcut created by pedestrians. He elaborately conserved the small and inconspicuous path as a plaster cast. With »Orange Box«, a packaging box for mandarins, which is covered with the bowls of just these fruits, he raises the question of who actually packages whom. He picks up things in his environment, literally takes them with him and transforms them, by removing them from familiar constellations.

Axel Loytved lives in Hamburg. He is very keen on developing new works with his colleagues. He co-founded the free class at the University of Art Braunschweig or the Kunstverein St. Pauli in Hamburg. He has been a researcher in fine art at the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht and has been awarded with numerous prizes and scholarships for his work.


Material: cement, sand, water, human ashes
Dimensions: 50cm long, 50cm wide, 6.5cm high
Weight: 37kg
Degradability: lang-lasting

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